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In the dynamic landscape of online content consumption, the paywall model has become increasingly prevalent. 

Medium, a popular platform for quality articles, transitioned its paywall system in mid-June to mid-July 2023, rendering previously employed bypass methods obsolete. 

Fueled by the desire to provide readers with uninterrupted access to insightful content, the birth of marked a response to the evolving challenges posed by Medium's paywall. 

In this article, we delve into the workings of, emphasizing responsible content consumption in the face of a changing digital landscape.


The initial iteration of involved a meticulous reverse-engineering of's GraphQL endpoints. By constructing our parser and toolkits, we enabled users to access unpaywalled Medium posts seamlessly. 

However, Medium responded by closing this loophole, prompting a shift in's approach. 

Presently, the service relies on paid subscriptions, shared access, and ongoing efforts to eliminate bugs arising from the self-written parser. The commitment is to ensure a bug-free and efficient experience for users seeking to bypass Medium's paywall.

Unlimited Access to Medium Articles:

One of the primary motivations behind is to provide users with an alternative method for accessing Medium's content without the constraints of a paywall. 

Constantly hitting a paywall can be frustrating, especially when attempting to explore and absorb the plethora of insightful articles on Medium. offers a solution by granting readers unlimited access to premium content.

Understanding the Medium Paywall:

Medium operates on a freemium model, allowing users a limited number of free articles each month. Once this limit is exceeded, readers encounter a paywall, prompting them to subscribe for continued access. Premium articles, available exclusively to subscribers, are the focal point of Medium's monetization strategy.

Important Considerations:

While provides an avenue to access premium Medium articles at no cost, ethical considerations should guide its usage. Users are encouraged to:

1. Support Creators:

Recognize the effort content creators invest in producing valuable articles. Whenever possible, support them by subscribing to Medium's paid membership or exploring legal alternatives.

2. Legality and Terms of Use:

Be aware that utilizing tools like may breach Medium's terms of service and other legal agreements. Consider the potential consequences, such as account suspension or penalties.

3. Fair Compensation:

Bypassing the paywall disrupts the system designed to compensate writers for their work. Users should contemplate the broader impact on the platform's sustainability and writers' ability to create quality content.

Conclusion: emerges as a temporary solution, allowing readers access to premium Medium articles without a paid subscription. However, responsible usage is paramount. Supporting content creators and respecting their work contributes to the sustainability of platforms like Medium. 

While may offer a workaround today, it's essential to recognize that platforms continuously update their systems to address such loopholes. In navigating the digital landscape, a balance between accessibility and ethical content consumption remains imperative.