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• This ban stops an account from showing up in search suggestions and people search results when you're not logged in.
• Twitter considers factors like your connections when applying this ban.
• The account might still be suggested to people you're closely connected to, but others won't see it

• With this ban, your tweets are completely hidden from search results, no matter if filters are on or off.
• This includes hashtags.
• This ban usually doesn't last long and mostly affects active accounts.

• This ban includes a search ban, but it does more.
• It hides your replies in threads from others.
• Everything seems normal to you, but many won't see your replies.
• It can happen if you tweet too much or follow too many people.
• Like the search ban, this one is also temporary for active accounts.

• If Twitter thinks an account might cause problems, it hides their replies until you click "Show more replies."
• This is personalized, so tweets from accounts you follow won't be hidden.
• An unbiased reference account, with no followers, helps decide if you need to click "Show more replies" to see tweets in a thread.

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How to check X (Twitter) Shadowban For Free

1. First, you must visit X Shadowban Check Test

2. Paste the username into the column and click Check.

3. The preview will appear as shown below

4. Lastly, you can click explanation below the result


X Shadowban Check Test Twitter Shadow Ban Check - Are you worried that you're shadowbanned on X (formerly known as Twitter)? 

Do you suspect that you're experiencing a shadowban on X, previously known as Twitter? A shadowban can lead to a significant drop in engagement as your content is downranked, hidden, or blocked from search results. 

In this guide, we'll show you how to identify a shadowban on X and provide simple tests to confirm it. Additionally, we'll offer steps to help you recover your account's normal functionality.

What You Need to Be Aware Of

If you're shadowbanned on X, your account and posts might be concealed from other users.

To determine if you're shadowbanned, utilize web-based tools to detect specific indicators or deboosting methods.

Reach out to X support through @Support, or patiently wait for 24-72 hours to see if the situation improves. Avoid engaging in spammy content and automated services.

Why Did I Get Shadowbanned?

Suspicion of Platform Manipulation:

X has stringent rules against platform manipulation, which includes activities like aggressive tweeting, mass following, purchasing or soliciting fake engagements, and artificially amplifying conversations. 

While X does suspend accounts that breach these rules, they may initially impose a shadowban before suspension.

Blocked by Numerous Users:

If X determines that your account generates content unwanted by others, they may deprioritize your posts. Although it's not explicitly termed "shadowbanning," this action reduces the visibility of your content.

Content Impacting Search Quality:

Even if your actions don't warrant a full ban on X, your content might still contravene X's general search guidelines. X may hide your tweets from search results and refrain from recommending them to others if you engage in any of the following:

  • Repeatedly posting the same links or tweets.
  • Using trending topics or hashtags to share irrelevant content.
  • Deploying automated bots to send tweets or post similar messages based on keywords.
  • Sharing identical content from multiple accounts.
  • Mass following and unfollowing of users.

In Conclusion

Shadowbans can result from tactics aimed at artificially boosting interaction, such as buying likes, retweets, or followers. 

Twitter's algorithms are adept at detecting and penalizing inauthentic account behavior.

Therefore, the key to success on X lies in maintaining authenticity. There are numerous ways to organically increase impressions and engagement on the platform. Avoid resorting to purchasing likes and followers if you wish to resolve a shadowban on X.