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Discord Profile Picture Downloader

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How to use Discord Profile Picture Downloader

1. First, you must visit Discord Profile Picture Downloader

2. Submit target discord id  into the column and click search.

3. The preview will appear as shown below

4. Lastly, click "profile picture" to get hd image 


This tool is designed for viewing and downloading someone's Discord profile picture (PFP) and banner in full HD (High Definition) size. It also provides information about their Discord account, including the exact account creation date, account age, banner image, and more. 

This service is free to use, allowing you to look up information about any Discord user or bot and view and download their profile and banner pictures.

How to Get the Discord User ID

To find a Discord User ID, you first need to enable Developer mode on your Discord client. The Developer mode setting is located in different tabs within the main "Settings" menu depending on your device:

For PC users: Enable Developer mode in the Settings -> "Advanced Settings" tab.

For iOS users: Enable Developer mode in the Settings -> "Appearance" tab.

For Android users: Enable Developer mode in the Settings -> "Behaviour" tab.

Once Developer mode is enabled, on PC, you can right-click any Discord profile to copy their User ID. On mobile, press down on the Discord account, tap the three dots, and finally press the "Copy ID" button. If you encounter difficulties, refer to this instructional video.

How to Use the Discord PFP Download Tool

Simply input the Discord user ID for the account or bot you want to view, then solve the captcha (press "I am not a robot"), and click the "check user" button. 

Afterward, all information about the Discord user, including their profile picture and banner, will be displayed. Click on the PFP or banner to view it in full size and download it at your discretion.

How to View a Discord Server Profile Picture Icon

If you want to view, download, or grab the profile picture icon or banner of a Discord server, you can use the provided tool. Enter any Discord server invite link, and it will show you the profile picture and additional information.

How to Find the Discord User ID of Any Discord User

  • Open app settings.
  • Go to settings in your Discord app.
  • Activate developer mode.
  • Enable the "developer mode" option in the "appearance" tab on iOS, "behaviour" tab on Android, or "expanded" on desktop or in the browser version of Discord.
  • Find the user ID of any Discord user by right-clicking or tapping and holding on a user, then selecting the "copy user-id" option.

Discord Avatar GIF Download

To download Discord GIF avatars, visit tools.revesery.com/picture. This tool allows you to enlarge and download any type of avatar, including GIFs.

On desktop, you can download someone's profile picture by visiting their profile page in a web browser, accessing the page's source code, and finding and using the direct profile picture link. This method provides a high-resolution version of the user's profile photo.

If you're on mobile, you can capture a screenshot of a user's profile picture and save the picture to your phone's gallery. Note that this method doesn't provide a high-quality version of the picture, but it is the only option available on mobile devices.